Anacortes Counseling for recovery from traumatic events.


Anacortes Counseling

Have you suffered a recent accident, serious loss, or traumatic event? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep
or remember important things? Have you lost your appetite? Perhaps, it is hard to be around people or places that remind you of the event? Turning Point Psychotherapy provides Anacortes counseling for adults who are recovering from life changing events.

Anacortes Counseling and Psychotherapy

Anacortes Counseling with Turning Point Psychotherapy

When things go seriously wrong, these common responses can worsen over time without professional care:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • relationship conflict
  • substance abuse
  • traumatic memories
  • mood swings
  • sleep problems
  • flashbacks
  • eating disorders

Have you been struggling with something you just can’t seem to get past? You can turn things around. If you or someone you love is ready to reach a turning point, I’d like to help. Call or email for an initial 15 minute consultation at no charge.

Licensed in California Since 2002, and now also licensed in the great state of Washington, Christine Hassell, LMFT of Turning Point Psychotherapy has been helping clients change patterns of thinking, feeling and living they no longer want or need. Compassionate, insightful and effective counseling for the here and now.


Please don’t wait another minute.  I’d like to help.”

At Your Service,

Christine Hassell, MA, LMFT

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  • Consultations

    If you are paying for individuals, family or group sessions, there are several discounted options.

  • Group Consultations

    The first six months of group work are billed in monthly installments and group members agree to participate for a minium of four weeks at a time.
  • After the first six months of group therapy, you may decide to continue with the group, at which point a 12 month commitment is required to keep your spot in the group. Deferred installments are available. You may pay for group in four installments within 12 months, or you may pay in full up front for a discount.

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