Addiction Recovery

Turning Point Psychotherapy offers addiction recovery support and treatment on an outpatient basis.

Sessions occur at regular intervals in groups or individual sessions. The specific types of therapy we use include:

Cognitive behavioral therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy
Motivational interviewing
EmWave biofeedback
Family Therapy

Depending upon where you are in your recovery, one or a combination of these modalities may be right for you and that is something we will determine together in close collaboration for a treatment approach that is tailor made just for you.

We may need to focus your learning to think relativistically about things, not to think in black and white.

We may seek to reveal and alter the unconscious emotional positions that make using a coherent thing to do.

We may use family therapy is to shift the dynamics that may be contributing drug-seeking behavior and to improve the family dynamics that support your ability to avoid triggers.

These are just a few of the many common treatment objectives a diverse set of therapeutic resources can address. If you or someone you love is looking for addiction recovery, please don’t wait another minute. I’d like to help.