Bipolar Therapy for Stabilization of Mood.

Christine Hassell, MA, LMFT, Turning Point Psychotherapist

Regulated and stabilizing mood is the most important therapeutic objective for individuals with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and are seeking therapy, first a word of encouragement is in order: embrace the possibility of a full recovery.

When a client puts serious thought into what a full recovery looks like we can get beyond the labels and the functional aspects of a diagnosis and into the realm of healing. As the saying goes, you gotta believe it in order to see it (not the other way around)!

When bipolar symptoms are active, the situation is dynamic and complex. We’ve got neurochemistry to balance, behaviors to modify, environments to either avoid or frequent, relationships to tend to and thought patterns to identify and structure in healthy ways. The interplay of theses mechanisms all keep the regulation of mood in place. Pharmaceuticals alone are often not enough.

Turning Point Psychotherapy Can Help.

bipolar disorder recovery

Envision a Full Recovery and Patiently Go From There

Together, we review the material and discuss which course of treatment would be best based on the data.

Active participation and strong social support are key components in success with psychotherapy.

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