Symptoms and Specialty Issues

Are You Ready For The Turning Point?

Christine Hassell, MA, LMFT

Symptoms generated by the mind can show up in the body, as well as in mood and emotional distress.

Left to its own devices, the mind can lapse into some very destructive habits.

It can wreak havoc on your relationships, your work performance, your career objectives, your educational pursuits, even sleep problems can be caused by psychological beliefs or constructs that no longer serve you but still run in the background, like an application on your computer that you no longer use.

I developed Turning Point Psychotherapy as a hybrid counteractive/transformative approach to change.

Turning Point Psychotherapy has proven effective in treating  a very broad range of symptoms listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders as well as body oriented dysfunctions:

  1. Sleep Disorders
  2. Social Phobias
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Post Traumatic Stress
  6. Mood Disorders
  7. Addictions
  8. Chronic Pain Memory Reconsolidation

If you would like to eliminate symptoms and their underlying causes, I’d be honored to help. I have been a certified EMDR practitioner and Coherence-based psychotherapist for over 13 years. I have helped thousands of clients like you reach their turning points. Please don’t wait another minute. I’d like to help!

At Your Service,

Christine Hassell, MA, LMFT