Trauma is multi-facted phenomenon. Trauma can come from a wide range of experiences and produce an equally wide range of symptoms including depression, anxiety, substance abuse and eating disorders.

Because these symptoms can affect almost all realms of your life, we must rely on a wide range of possible treatments and together, tailor them to meet strategies to the stage of change you are in ,and what you are capable of achieving.

Together we will carefully assess and develop a trauma-informed treatment plan that reflects your particular needs and difficulties.

Our first objective will be to help you get to a place of stabilization so that you can become safe within yourself, and focus on replacing of problematic and risky ways of coping with ones that are not harmful, and instead work to enhance your health and well-being.

The way to cope with painful memories and other aspects of your trauma experiences is to develop several key skill sets and the capacity to:

regulate your emotion
use relationships appropriately for attunement and positive connectivity
develop compassion for your self
Turning Point Psychotherapy will help you learn that you can depend on yourself, and that you are truly safe with yourself.

If you have been struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety or PTSD as a result of trauma, please don’t wait another minute. I’d like to help.