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When life brings a challenge you just can’t seem to resolve on your own, therapy for you and your relationships is here for you now in Mount Vernon and Anacortes. You don’t have to go through this alone. With compassionate, professional guidance that focuses on what’s happening right here, right now, you CAN turn things around. My greatest joy is helping you reach that turning point.

Mount Vernon Counseling and Psychotherapy for LIfe's Turning Points

Mount Vernon Counseling and Psychotherapy for LIfe’s Turning Points

Have you been struggling with something you just can’t seem to get past? You can find the inner strength and wisdom you need to take a turn for the better, and stay better. 

When a game-changing moment presents itself, one thing is for sure: those who take advantage of it dive right in and participate. They are the ones who most likely benefit.

That greatest challenges in life often cross over into many different realms. Relationship problems can be complicated by stress at work. A medical condition can create anxiety, or depression. Substance abuse can complicate an already confusing and troubling life transition. Or, sometimes, just when life seems to be getting easier, you or someone you love is revisiting painful experiences from the past.

Individual psychotherapy can guide us to make the changes we need to make. Relationship counseling can also help us learn to accept ourselves and our partners more fully. There does not have to be something “wrong” with you for you to benefit from self-reflection under the guidance of an experienced counselor.

We all need respect, understanding, and faith in our adaptive abilities to heal. From this empowered and confident foundation we can create healthy ways of thinking, feeling and living that bring lasting relationships and a satisfying life.

This website is a resource for individuals, couples, families and children. Many different approaches to counseling are described to help you identify which might be the best fit for you or someone in your family. If you or someone you love is ready to reach a turning point, please don’t wait another minute. I’d like to help. Call or email for an initial 15 minute consultation at no charge.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, and Coherence Therapy are examples of the evidence based strategies Turning Point Psychotherapy is built on.

These forms of counseling work together to both counteract and transform symptoms and problems including:
relationship conflict
substance abuse
traumatic memories
mood swings
sleep problems
eating disorders

Since 2002,  Turning Point Psychotherapy has helped thousands of clients access and transform patterns of thinking, feeling and living they no longer want or need. Compassionate, insightful and effective counseling for the here and now – as you see from the testimonials, the results speak for the themselves.

Please call or email to take advantage of a free 15 minute consultation.

 Over the past 15 years I’ve helped thousands of clients reach their turning points. Please don’t wait another minute.  I’d like to help.”

At Your Service,

Christine Hassell, MA, LMFT

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